"A  thoroughbred who possesses the enviable gift to turn almost anything he plays into pure gold".

1018_2013 Sejon Soloists with Ashley Wass (30)

Sounds of the Silver Screen

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Silent Soundtracks

Ashley's latest solo recital focuses on music that has been written or adopted for the silver screen. Whether taken from a composer biopic (Immortal Beloved (Beethoven) and Song Without End (Liszt)), a powerful war film (Dangerous Moonlight and The Pianist), a Kubrick masterpiece, a Tom and Jerry cartoon or a Gene Kelly classic, the enduring power of music and the moving image remains as potent as ever. Featuring music by Beethoven, Liszt, Addinsell, Ligeti, Chopin and Gershwin.

Inspired by the exploits of Phileas Fogg, and coming 500 years after Magellan began his expedition to sail around the world, this musical adventure circumnavigates the globe - in 80 minutes - through a collection of carefully chosen works which vividly capture the spirit of each country visited along the way. Beginning and ending in England, the programme features an eclectic mix of styles and composers, including Debussy, Tartini, Prokofiev, Kreisler, Piazzolla, Gershwin and Elgar.

This concert of cinematic treasures explores the fascinating relationship between music and film in the hands of one of the 20th Century’s greatest cultural icons.  Highlights will include screenings of clips from the Mutual comedies, accompanied by specially adapted soundtracks by Carl Davis. Also featured are a series of memorable scenes from ‘The Great Dictator’ and ‘The Gold Rush’. The show will chart some of Chaplin's musical inspirations and showcases several of his own compositions.



"A probing and intelligent musician.. and one who relishes in making these pieces sound ever fresh, ever new, ever exciting. It is not often we get a musician of this caliber."

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